Preparing for college can be an extremely trying and stressful time
in the life of not only the prospective student-athlete but their families as well. College recruiting has evolved in the past few years and has become much more complicated and intense. Coaches are starting the process earlier and earlier each year and putting more strain on prospective student-athlete’s to make decisions more efficiently and quickly. The uncertainty can be very overwhelming and frustrating when trying to figure out your future and understand how this whole process works.

The need for professional help with this process has never been more evident than it is right now. With over 30 years of collegiate coaching and collegiate playing experience at the highest level, our staff is well equipped to help prospective student-athlete’s and parents better understand the process and relieve some of the burden involved in choosing a particular institution.


1. We will educate the prospective student-athlete regarding the recruiting process by better helping you with the understanding of the academic necessities involved in getting transcripts, SAT and ACT tests, TOEFL test, etc to each institution and helping understand that each institution has different academic requirements to meet.

2. We will coach you as to how to interact with the coaches and ask the appropriate questions involving your recruitment and philosophy of each particular program so that you attend a University that is the right fit. This will give you the opportunity to assess each coach and institution with the right knowledge.

3. We will help you identify schools that fit your level both academically and athletically. This is one of the most important components involved in the
recruiting process.

4. We will educate each player and parents as to the nuances involved in the recruiting process in regards to NCAA rules and regulations.

5. We will guide you in regards to how to shoot a video for collegiate
coaches to view.

6. We will also assist you in compiling a letter to send to each of the coaches which includes your academics, player profile, and goals.

7. We will help you in choosing which Universities to set up Official and Unofficial visits and explain to you the difference in the two and the importance of choosing which schools to visit.